Identifying Customer Experience Killers

My Customer Experience Killers Review will allow you to identify the top customer experience issues which negatively impact your revenues, brand image, customer loyalty and operational costs.

My Customer Experience Killers Review focuses on a set of use cases that are thoroughly analyzed step-by-step.

Which use cases can be reviewed?

Virtually any use case, including multichannel cases. Whether it involves the use of a website, a smartphone app, an IVR, paper forms, a passenger information system, a medical device, a user guide or interactions with your staff in a shop, etc.

What are Customer Experience Killers?

Customer experience killers can be:

  • features and widgets that are difficult to use;

  • words that are not part of the language spoken by the customers;

  • inconsistencies within the use case, for example between channels;

  • inconsistencies with other use cases or systems;

  • inappropriate information architecture, etc.

Cost and quote

From CHF 2000.

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